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MATÍAS DE CRISTOBAL – Awasi Experience director

The project that we did for Awasi led by Aku Menditeguy next to Ingrid Weyland and Teresa Marcaida is a clear sample of the talent, the creativity and the professionalism that Argentina has. This project received excellent reviews from our clients and journalists through all the world. It was a pleasure to work with Aku and I hope that we can do more projects like this, where we look to offer a testimony of preservation of the two elements of nature that are essential to human survival: nature and art.

MARÍA JOSÉ ANTELO – Visual artist

I have only two words of appreciation for Amhaus productions. This is the third time that they produce my artworks: always with professionalism and creativity. Everything is perfect and impeccable. The Amhaus team treats us well and has an excellent predisposition; and this makes it a pleasure to work with them. I definitely recommend them.


I feel an enormous emotion and gratitude for the sensibility and the profound way that they connect with us. They created a video performance within a new space that shows our transformative experience which continues growing and expanding.


Giving life and movement to my art world and being the principal protagonist of this experience gave me the opportunity to put myself in the skin of the characters, to live this from a different point of view. I connect with their feelings and emotions and this allowed the birth of this art work. Being in this virtual world, exploring and relating with the team’s humanity makes me feel that I can complete the creation cycle, with a better understanding of the truth.

TERESA MARCAIDA – Performer at Awasi Video Performance

It was a big pleasure to work with Amhaus Art: Aku Menditeguy, Lucía Barcia & Ingrid Weyland did a great work on the Awasi Iguazú project that combines art and nature as two elements that have an intimate relationship and that are essential for the human being. The expertise of the team members shows in a very natural and organic way, which reflects in the beauty and professionalism of the final work.

ELISA BOURSE – Performer

The works that I made with Amhaus Art, formed by Aku and her team, were always harmonious and didactic encounters. They show me a way to explore art, from Aku’s point of view, mixing every discipline with love. This is only possible with a deep understanding of painting, poetry, dance and music with a common language that can be used with respect and subtlety. I love the interpretation that they perform and the language that tells the same story. They did a beautiful job following a pattern that, in my opinion, is very inspiring.

MARIANA BASIGLIA – Visual Artist Grupo Entretramas

The performance video that the Amhaus team made about “El Lenguaje de la Memoria” was an example of a new dimension, and also showed the sensibility of a body in movement that interprets every artwork in an exquisite way. This definitely gave a new look to all the pieces of the exhibition. Every action that shows and the interpretation of the character’s hands generates movement, union and continuity. Great work!

MARIELA SOLDANO – Visual artist

I had the beautiful opportunity to meet Aku during quarantine that was nurtured by virtual connections. She was starting the Amhaus project and we began to share the passion that we both have about art. She was always convinced and had a strong belief about creating an artistic proposal that promotes art as a life experience, and she achieved it! She built a wonderful team that I feel that represents me today. Amhaus communicates a way to connect with art through the body language. Artists put their body in each artwork and they represented this in a unique, subtle and exquisite way; I haven’t seen a proposal like that.

JULIO MROUE – Visual Artist Grupo Entretramas

Amhaus shows a sensitive and deep transformation of the objects and words using movements and gestures. Thank you Aku Menditeguy for intertwining in our memory constructions with your fluid language.

STELLA REDRUELLO – Visual Artist Grupo Entretramas

I had an enormous satisfaction knowing the Amhaus Art Team. They did a very good job in the video performance, and I really like the way that they worked. They were creative and gave a special treatment to the artwork, developing everything with high quality in a warm manner. I loved the interpretation and I identified with the representation that they give to our book. Thank you for all your work!