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Video Performance commisioned by Awasi Experience

Awasi Experience, together with ballerina Teresa Marcaida, summoned us to produce this video performance based on the photographic art work of the “Topographies of Fragility” series by artist Ingrid Weyland, that was produced in Iguazú, Argentina.

This artistic production aims to raise consciousness regarding the protection and conservation of nature. It proposes a formula that interconnects nature, human beings and art.

“You will cease to feel isolated when you recognize that you do not have a sensation to feel in the sky: you are that sensation. Your sensation of the sky is the sky, and there is no “you” apart from what you sense, feel, and know.” Alan Watts- The Wisdom of Insecurity.

Allan Watts- The Wisdom of Insecurity

Performer: @teresamarcaida
Filmmaker @barciamartino.photofilmstudio
VISUAL ARTIST: @ingridwey
MUSICAL PRODUCTION: @bautistanajles
Production: @amhaus.art