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Estilo Pilar invited us to participate with an instalment of the artwork Entrevero de M.J. Antelo, which we interpreted with a live performance created from a written text from the artist about her work.


“Possibilities seem to be infinite, but they are not. Fingers look for answers and make decisions. They move forward up to where the materials allow them. In that game, my hands get hurt. Nails and skin fly all over the place. Sometimes, flexibility lets me decide where to enter. It enables the torsion and I move in different directions. I live to be the one who decides. To create spaces. To move like water, intuitively. Suddenly, resistance appears and battles. Up to here. Even though I persist in an idea, I must surrender and take the only possible way forward. And, in that way, a solid structure of chosen and forced movements reveals itself. This gives form to the chaotic world that I inhabit.” M. J. Antelo.

Performers: Elisa Bourse & Victoria Galoto
Art direction: Aku Menditeguy
CURATORSHIP: Isabel Labougle
PHOTO: Delfina Alonso Peña
Production: Amhaus Gallery
Audiovisual production: Rocío y Mariano Barcia Martino
VISUAL ARTIST: María José Antelo
ART WORK: Entrevero / Dos Esculturas de mimbre de 145 cm x 100 cm